Interview with Thiago Ferreira from Serbia4Yourh

Thiago is a Brazilian, from Rio de Janeiro. But he lives in Belgrade, Serbia, a country he’s passionate about. He promotes Serbia to young people from Serbia and other parts of the world.

Thiago is an exemplary entrepreneur. Although he’s only 22, he went to Serbia, learnt to speak Serbian, is studying tourism and, together with some friends, is managing one of the most well known travel agencies in Serbia, called Serbia4Youth.

He’s featured often in Serbian TV shows, which made him very well known and appreciated over there. Not only because of his great work, but also due to his undeniable charisma.

We had the privilege to meet Thiago, who was kind enough to let us record this interview with him. You’ll understand what took him to Serbia and why he loves this country. He’ll tell you what Serbia has to offer to its visitors and how Serbians are surprisingly similar to Brazilians.

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