Would you like a tour in Istanbul?

“Wow, I’d never come to this place if you haven’t brought me here. What a fantastic place!” That’s what we said many times in the past, when a friend guided us around a city he or she was living in.

The experience of visiting a new place is so much better when we have a chance to see it through the eyes of a person who lives there. Besides the touristic spots, we have the opportunity to visit hidden parts of the city that locals go to quite often, but the tourists don’t even imagine that exist. And you know what? Those are typically the best parts.

Here, in Istanbul, we’ve met Michele, a Brazilian lady who’s been living here for almost a decade. After showing the city to so many friends in the past, she realized she could go beyond that. She created a concierge service and began to show Istanbul to people from all over the world, exactly in the same way she was doing before with her friends.

The concierge service eventually became an agency called Turistambul. The best part of it is the personalized experience that Michele delivers, which mix the classic tourism with local and authentic aspects of the city, known only by those living here. This mix and her kindness have been attracting many tourists from all over the world.

We’ve spent several days with Michele recently, since Pati was shooting pictures for a promotional campaign featuring Turistambul. At the end, Michele managed to set aside some time and we interviewed her.

Pati and I don’t do a lot of tourism ourselves. But Istanbul is such an amazing city. Many people would love to come here for a few days and do some tourism. That’s why we thought it was worth to ask Michele a bit more about what one can expect when visiting Istanbul.

Learn more about Turistambul at: http://www.turistambul.com/.

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