Would you travel for 14 years? Earl did it.

We took the wrong car in the Metro. But that’s how we met Earl, by chance. It happened here, in Bucharest, a few days ago.

Who is Earl, by the way? He’s the guy who taught me how to come from Bulgaria to Romania by land. Or, most importantly, he’s the person who’s been traveling for over 14 years.

We were in Bulgaria a few days ago trying to figure out how to come to Bucharest, in Romania, from Velinko Ternovo, in Bulgaria. I searched on Google and I found Earl’s blog, called Wandering Earl. He made the trip the other way around. Still, the information he shared was very useful to us.

That would be more than enough to make my day. But his blog turns out to be very good and useful. I couldn’t stop reading it and I learned a ton about other countries in the Balkans, which we’ll be visiting soon.

I knew he was in Romania, but I thought he’d probably be too busy. I didn’t plan to contact him or anything like that.

Imagine my astonishment when I saw him in front of me in the Metro car! It was him, Earl. It was the most bizarre experience I’ve had in a long time. What are the odds of this happening? And I even took the subway in the wrong direction by mistake, which rarely happens to me.

I spent so much time reading his articles in the last few days and all of the sudden he was standing in front of me, in the subway of a big city. You don’t bump into a celebrity in the Metro everyday, right? Nor do I. And, being an introvert, I thought to myself: what do I do? Should I talk to him?

I told Pati about it and she said: you must talk to him now. If you don’t, I’ll do it. A small discussion between us followed. Somehow I found the courage to say: hi, are you Earl?

Fortunately, Earl is a nice guy, as I was about to find out. He was also amazed by the coincidence when I told him what was happening.

I contacted him later, we had dinner together and it was such a pleasure to talk to him. Then I figured out that my friends should also have a chance to hear what he has to say about permanent traveling.

I invited him for this interview and he was once again very generous with his time. He has a wonderful perspective on several topics. And I think it’s pretty hard to dismiss your desire to travel after watching what he has to say in this video.

Would you have his courage and travel permanently for most of your adult life?

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